About Onyx Rehabilitation

Established in Delhi, in 2006, Onyx Neo is one of the leading manufacturer of Orthopaedic rehabilitation and foot care products. We are the only manufactures of 100% pure platinum cured silicone foot care products. We have established a great reputation for providing superior, world-class products and we continuously strive to maintain high standards of quality so that we diligently serve our customers expectations. We welcome customers looking for OEM manufacturing. 

  • Silicone Footcare Products
    Silicone Footcare Products
  • Hot and Cold Gel Packs
    Hot and Cold Gel Packs
  • Wrist & Elbow Supports
    Wrist & Elbow Supports
  • Spinal Products
    Spinal Products
  • Knee Supports
    Knee Supports
  • Ankle Supports
    Ankle Supports
  • Compression Stockings
    Compression Stockings
  • Fracture Aids
    Fracture Aids
  • Physiotherapy Products
    Physiotherapy Products
  • Pu Foam Products
    Pu Foam Products
  • Neoprene Products
    Neoprene Products